Aiop Power Downline Builder

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How Our Team Works

Our Team Build is a  Newbie Friendly and anyone can Successfully Follow our Strategy and  Earn a Decent Residual Income

First and Foremost  You Must understand That, You’re paying the Subscriptions amount for the Products which Provides

Pro Autoresponder, Premium WebHosting, Splash/Squeeze builder, Link Tracker and Rotator, Unlimited Text and bannerAdvertising and E-Learning Library etc…

Our Team’s Job is Help You to get Paid Referrals Under You in Two ways

1. Admin Will Provide You A personalized Page With Pre-Written Letter Series Which You can Promote to Build Your List and Recruit Unlimited Direct Referrals

2. Admin Will Place 6 Direct Paid Referrals Under You , When you  Promote our Team page Link and maintain 500/more hits per week

Here’s how the Team rotators works.

The goal is to get 6 Direct paid Referrals and then rotate out.

Only for Those team members Who maintain 500/more hits per week
Once a Member Joins He/she will be Placed in Rotator1″ Q’ whe They Reach the Hot Seat receives 1 paid Referral in Rotator 1 Then they will be moved to Rotator 2 “Q’ and This Process will Continue Till They get 6 paid Referrals( 3 for you and 3 for your Sponsor) Once they get 6 paid Referrals will rotate out, thus creating an endless infinity pay line for each new team member.

Click here to Know our Team member’s Position

Not to Forget During this period You Might have getting Passups from Your Referrals
and Above All You will get Your Personal Lead capture Page with Pre-written Letter Series
Which You Can Share/Promote at your will to Build your Lists and Recruit Unlimited Direct Referrals

Important Note: Never Quit and Never Settle for Less, for an example If You’ve one Direct referral and You Expect that one Referral will pass up 100’s of Referrals for You and
If that Referral also thinks in the Same way neither He/she will get passups nor You’ll get passups , All You’ve to do is Keep promoting Your personal Page and the Team page till you get atleast 20 to 30 active Referrals direct or passups or Combination of Both
Rest will taken care of the AIOP System itself .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is AIOP Power Downline Builder?

A. AIOP POWER DOWNLINE BUILDER is a Team ( Group of individual online marketers)  Which Promotes ALLINONEPROFITS

Q. Does it cost anything Extra Other Then my Aiop Subcriptions to join the AIOP PDB Team?

A: Absolutely not. Our AIOP PDB Team System and Personal Lead capture page  are completely free resources for you.

Q: Do I get paid commissions by the AIOP PDB Team?

A: No, you’ll get paid directly by Allinoneprofits, The AIOP PDB Team neither accepts, or disperses funds,The only cost is Your ALLINONEPROFITS Monthly Subscription

Q: Which all payment Processors Does AIOP Accepts?
A:Payza, STP, Payeer and Mobilpay   ( No Paypal)
Note: Regarding All your payments/payment processor Please Contact AIOP Support Team Not AIOP PDB Team

Q: What are the Benefits of Joining AIOP Through AIOP Power Downline Builder Team

A: By Joining AIOP Through Our Team
1. You’ll Get a Personal Lead Capture Page Which You Can Promote and Build Your Lists and Recruit Unlimited Direct Aiop Referrals

2. We’ll Place 6 Direct Paid Referrals Under You, If You promote our Team provided Atracker Link ( Team Page Link)

Q: What are the Team requirements?

A: 1. You Must Join Aiop as a paid member Through one of Our Team Member
2.  You must maintain 500/more hits per week to your Unique Team Provided Adtracker link ( Team page Link)

Q: How can I Count the hits for my unique  Team page link?
A: Use can use Aiop Tracker or Sign up -> Click Create Bitlink -> Copy and paste your Team page Link ->Click Save  You’ll get a shortened link like this Promote this Link and you can see the hits in bitly account

Q: What if I Promote only my Personal Page and not the Team page Link?
A: It’s your choice ,If You’re confident getting Sign ups by your own Just Promote your personal page and recruit unlimited  referrals
but My advice is Promote Both the Pages and get referrals from both ways

Q: Which is the fastest way to get Referrals ,Team page or Personal Page?
A: Getting Referrals Through the Team Page will take little Time Because you can see the waiting List, It’s on first Come first serve basis
Your personal page is not like that You Can get Referrals anytime, all you’ve do is Promote your Personal page daily and expect referrals each day
Spend atleast 30 to 60 minutes daily promoting Your Personal Page as well as Your team page link

Q: How Long It Will Take to get my first Aiop paid Referral?
A: Sorry Guys,  in This case I simply  Can’t Give any Time frame for that ,
You can get referrals anytime through your personal Page ,If You Promote your personal page Daily

Q:I’m Investing $11.50 , What Guarantee can you give that I’ll earn $10,000/Month?
A: You’re paying for the “ALLinOneProfits”  Products and Our Team’s job is to Help you to get paid Referrals and make Money

Q: I can Afford Only One Month subscription and If I Don’t get atleast 1 Direct paid referral I’ll Quit , What’s your suggestion?
A: You Must Understand This is not gambling, This is Real Money making Opportunity If You’re in that mind set , it’s better Not to join

Q: I’m already a member in Allinoneprofits ,Can I Join with my existing Aiop Account?

A: No, In order to get our Team Benefits One must join Aiop Through One of Our Team member

Q: I’m ready to Join Aiop as a paid member under one of your Team member But I’m not Ready use Aiop products or to Promote My personal page and the team page link what will i get?
A: Nothing

Q: Will you set up the Aiop PDB campaign for me , if i send my aiop Pw and username?
A: Sure, if you’re in our team

Note: We do not guarantee incomes The estimated incomes we’re using as an example, are conservative and exceedable.

We are a dedicated Team of individuals with a strong work ethic, working together. Our work is not difficult or complicated.

My part as a Team leader is to keep things easy for you to achieve online success with an organized promotional system,