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Hi Brian,

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Next, a big thank you for your promotion efforts so far – ACX is doing great and much of it is due to YOUR efforts!

If you didn’t get the news yet, ACX Members now have another 3 days or so to become an ACX Monsoon Premium Member – that’s really great news, right?

In fact, now they only have to fund a minimum of $2,000 to become part of this future-millionaire group! It’s all up to how well we spread the word about ACX and so far we’re really doing great!

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This Thursday at Midnight, Server Time (January 12th, 23:59:59)

That is ONLY about 3 Days Away!!

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Secondly, get ready for a huge frenzy online, because ACX Management has decided to pen up the Withdrawal Rewards System for
all four ACX Systems now – you and your referrals can make a LOT of money by simply posting your successful withdrawals online.

For example,

Make a successful withdrawal of just $1 from the ACX Monsoon System – then post this withdrawal proof 20 times in the many approved places online for $2 each (that’s $40) – then create a YouTube Video and upload it to make another $20.

Summary: withdraw $1, make $60 by posting your withdrawal proof where others will see it – so you can then buy 3 more Monsoon Packs – and
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Also consider notifying your referrals to get active in this because when they spend their rewards, YOU make 10% referrals commissions – and this can really add up!

ACX Search is Doing Great!

Yes, ACX has made history and cracked the code to making money online – it’s truly incredible, and YOU and YOUR REFERRALS are at the right place at the right time!

ACX has really done it!

Every day, hundreds more are changing their default search engine to ACX Search!

Why shouldn’t they – ACX Search gives you about the same or better results as Google and it pays most people about $10 per month for making the change!

Amazing Concept, and it’s happening ONLY at Ad Click Xpress!

What do you do now?

Here are my suggestions TODAY, for making the most money the quickest at ACX:

1) Contact your existing referrals and remind them about the deadline to become an ACX Monsoon Premium Member – they
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Be sure to remind them that only $2,000 cumulative funding of ACX Monsoon will qualify them now!

Here are your current referrals in ACX:

2) Get your referrals active posting their withdrawal proofs online – once they see how easy it is, they will be posting daily and this will make a huge difference in the success of ACX overall, especially in ACX Monsoon, where you currently make the biggest money!

3) Refer NEW people to ACX Monsoon.

You make the most money the fastest when you get people to sign up and spend money in ACX Monsoon – 10% of whatever they spend goes in your wallet for daily withdrawal, right?

Here is probably your best affiliate website for ACX Monsoon:

4) Advertise ACX Search to Users

Although ACX Search will probably not make you the most money today, it might be the quickest way to get people interested in what we are doing at ACX – and making $10-$15 a month, just for switching from Google to ACX Search is pretty easy to do, especially when you get the same results.

So spend some of your time advertising our best affiliate website for ACX Search:

5) Look for ACX Search Advertisers

You make 25% commissions on every dollar your referrals transfer to ACX Search to spend on advertising in our soon-to-be, huge network of publishers – and you can withdraw all of this money daily also.

Here is a special website designed to find Google AdWords Users who would LOVE ACX Search!

There are hundreds of thousands of active Google AdWords Users, and many are paying way too much to advertise their sites. So ACX Search is a great alternative for them!

So, are you making money yet?

If your referrals are making money, then YOU will be making money – if you have not started already!

They are using ACX Search for their daily online searching activities – and making a average of $10 per month (some $15 a month) – it’s amazing!

What does Google, Bing and Yahoo pay?

Nothing, right?

Your referrals are also making 2% per Day for Life, from ACX Monsoon, right? Are any of them complaining? No, because it’s an incredible opportunity!

And 10% a day from the Ad and Media Systems!

It’s a great concept and YOU and your referrals are at the right place to make a LOT of money in the near future!

And each day this means more revenue for ACX Monsoon and the Ad and Media Systems, too!

It was a great year in 2016, but it’s going to be even greater in 2017!!

Before I forget…

Don’t forget about ACX Monsoon – it’s still the best place to spend the most money online today – and you make 10% of whatever your referrals spend there!

So be a hero and encourage your referrals to spend money in ACX Monsoon – they make 2% per Day for Life there!

What do we expect in 2017?

1) ACX Search is going to become a household name – all indications point to that happening!

2) ACX Monsoon is going to continue to be the best program online to make passive income – 2% per Day for Life!

That’s really enough, but much more is in the planning – so be ready for a great year!

Google, Here We Come!

Yes, Google has been relaxing for years at the top – now ACX Search has the right financial plan to make ACX Members a lot of money and then get to Google to change its policy of keeping all the money for itself.

Ultimately ACX Search will become a household name if we simply keep going the way we’re going now – strong growth and everyone makes money using the ACX Search Engine!

A Big Thanks to All ACX Promoters!

That’s right, that’s one of the the most important things everyone can do right now, because the more advertisers we can find for ACX Search, the more money everyone at ACX will make!

And we pay you very good money to find advertisers – remember what we announced recently? 25% Commissions for ACX Search Promoters!

That’s right, now you receive 25% Commissions on the spending of the referrals you find for ACX Search!

For example:

Your referrals transfers $100 to ACX Search to buy advertising for Text Ads and Banners, just like they normally spend in Google AdWords.

You earn $25 immediately when they make the transfer to ACX Search!

Here is the best website to use to attract Advertisers who are already using Google AdWords – there are certainly hundreds of thousands of them, so get started today!

You earn on Level 2 Referrals also!

25% for spending of Level 1 Referrals
10% for spending of Level 2 Referrals

This is a quick way to earn a lot of money, and all you need to do is to find people who already use Google AdWords!

Where do you find Google AdWords advertisers?

There are lots of examples of sites created to find Google AdWords Advertisers – they simply offer alternatives.

Maybe you should create your own similar site and then post your ACX Search URL after your description of ACX Search!

That’s just one example of how to get Google AdWords Advertisers interested in ACX Search.

Otherwise, just do your normal advertising like you always do – everyone with a business needs eyes on their site, and ACX Search offers very targeted advertising.

Again, here is the new affiliate website you can use to attract new advertisers for ACX Search. This is YOUR URL:

Time to MAKE BIG MONEY finding everyone who is currently using Google AdWords!

Do you like happy referrals?

Happy referrals spend a lot of money in money-making programs, and they are very passionate about it – and ACX Search has a LOT of happy referrals!

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Millions are to be made, and all we need to do is to share ACX Search with others.

And the number of new members keeps on increasing very nicely – great work everyone!!

Maybe it’s because ACX Search and ACX Monsoon are second to none?

Or maybe because ACX provides 24/7/365 Live Chat for all your questions?

We’re very proud to be the money-making program that YOU chose to put your time and money into!

And don’t forget to set ACX Search as your default browser as soon as possible, so you won’t miss out in any free money when you search online – contact our 24/7/365 Live Chat if you experience any problems with this.

Yes, we’re experiencing amazing growth at Ad Click Xpress (ACX) – and it’s all because of many of YOU who are getting this E-mail!

ACX can become a household name soon, especially if we keep up the current growth – and this is only going to make ACX Members a LOT of money and create them a comfortable financial future!

That’s right, today was another great day for new member signups – maybe because more and more promoters are seeing what a huge opportunity ACX is? Especially with ACX Search growing like crazy!

Yes, ACX is growing exponentially, thanks to just a few passionate promoters. What will happen when ACX starts growing much faster? We think we are prepared for the future, and the future looks very bright!

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That’s right, you can build a profitable financial future today, by sharing ACX Search with as many people as you can!

The time is right, and the concept is perfect – replace your current search engine with ACX Search and then find as many people as you can over the next few weeks and months who do the same.

It’s happening already – ACX has almost four times as many signups daily as it did just three weeks ago – and that rate is expected to increase even more quickly. It’s called exponential growth, and the experts at ACX have the experience to handle it!

Sharing ACX Search – a Perfect Concept

1) It costs nothing to share ACX Search online – only the monthly costs of an Internet connection and your time.

2) Sharing ACX Search offline is also very inexpensive to do – check out the suggested methods at

3) We teach you everything you need to know for free at

Important Fact:

Once you have someone signed up for ACX Search, you make money whenever they spend money, in all four ACX Systems:

Ad System
Media System
Monsoon System
Search System

And the commissions you make on Level 2 of your downline can be larger than those you make from your personal promotion efforts!

Today was a another fantastic day today at ACX.

A LOT more new members are signing up lately, since ACX Search started paying its users to search online – it sure is looking like ACX Search is going to be a complete success!

It’s easy to share ACX Search with others.

That’s right, ACX Search is VERY EASY to share with others – just show them your affiliate website – yes, this one is yours!

When you tell people about what ACX Search is doing, they will be VERY interested – ACX is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a great way to make money by doing things you do every day anyway.

And it costs nothing for them to make the switch – they might even enjoy some of the features that ACX Search has better than the search engine they are already using!

You only need to ask them to sign up for FREE at YOUR affiliate website – here is another one you can use: and then tell them to log in at

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And this activity is KEY to the success of
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Your referrals will LOVE ACX Monsoon Also!

That’s right, once you get people signed
up to use ACX Search, you can encourage
them to experience the other parts of ACX,
including the infamous ACX Monsoon – they
can make 2% per day for Life, just like you do!

More Information:

Google has been the leader in search engine
users and advertisers for several years – is
it not time to get some of the revenue they
have been enjoying?

ACX Search will be taking away very significant
revenue from Google if we keep on going the
way we are now!

Success at ACX Search comes from simply
using the search engine and encouraging
others to do the same!

It’s so simple, and YOU are the person who
is going to benefit the most:

1) You make money by using ACX Search,
every single day you spend some time
searching for something online.

2) You also make money from everyone
you introduce to ACX Search when THEY
also use it to search for information online.

This is as simple as it gets!

Ready to get started sharing?

Did you realize that ACX Search has the
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With the correct recipe, ACX Search cannot
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The Simple Recipe:

1) More ACX Search Users mean more eyes
on the advertising of potential advertisers.

2) More Advertisers who pay for advertising
at ACX Search means more revenue for the
Users who search for information online.

3) All the money generated goes back to the
ACX Members – and all Users and Advertisers
are required to become ACX Members

If your friends and family are not using
ACX Search yet, what are you waiting for?

1) Everyone gets paid for searching for
information on the Internet.

2) YOU get paid when you share ACX with
others who use ACX Search – 10% for
direct referrals and 5% on level 2 users.

3) You can withdraw these earnings
within 24 hours!

That’s as simple as it gets!

The 30th round of payouts today paid 5 cents
per randomly credited Internet Search – that
is incredible!

Did you read the latest updates?

Many ACX Search Users are making about
$15 a month just by using ACX Search instead
of Google to search online!

Please note that since recently,  we are now paying
out only one time per day, so that sponsors earn
more commissions. (Amounts less than 1 cent are
not tracked or paid.)

This credit rate depends on how much money
ACX Search Advertisers are spending – we
can all increase this amount by sharing ACX
with people who spend money on  advertising!

Simply set ACX Search as your default search
engine (click on “Search Plugin” at the top-right
of your ACX Search Page) and watch your
earnings grow each day as you go about your
normal daily routine!

Are you sharing ACX already?

Currently with the Ad, Media and Monsoon
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Have you reviewed the ACX Compensation
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ACX Search Making ACX Strong!

Thank you for your increased efforts in
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The more people who are using ACX Search,
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The new ACX Search Advertising System
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And everyone gets $50 of advertising for FREE!
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Just click on “My Ads” to get started!

Do you have business opportunities or any
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Even if you just like a certain website, and
it’s not even yours, you can drive visitors
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If you are already familiar with Google
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set – ACX Search is just cheaper, but
ALL the earnings go back to the ACX

This is an incredible concept!!

What do you do now?

It was EASY to get YOUR attention, because you
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Right now is their chance to turn $2000
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ACX Monsoon is really working great,
and now, with the completion of ACX
Search, and the closing of most of the
copycat programs, ACX is putting itself
in a position to become the greatest
online business opportunity of all time!

Maybe ACX already IS the best online
business opportunity of all time – going
strong after about seven years!

Have you told your referrals about this yet?

Keep in mind that some of your referrals
have stopped reading E-mails coming
directly from ACX, so YOU need to email
them to inform them of what’s happening!

What do you do now?

Please contact all your referrals in ACX and
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1) Your referrals can fund their ACX Monsoon
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2) Please remind your referrals that EVERYONE
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Your referrals in ACX are all listed at

And you can contact them quickly with the
FREE contact manager made available to
you, MyMarketingFormula – you just have
to be upgraded to at least Silver to email
more than 200 referrals – simply click on
the Link at the top of the Referrals Page
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Note: there is no need to input your ACX
referrals into MyMarketingFormula – simply
click a few buttons to bring them all over
to MyMarketingFormula and then e-mail
them about the exciting news at ACX!

Keep in mind that some of your referrals
have stopped reading E-mails coming
directly from ACX, so YOU need to email
them to inform them of what’s happening!

Don’t have any referrals yet?

Yes, you do – share ACX with your family
and friends, and after that, learn how
to share ACX with everyone online – that
is billions of people, and our Marketing
Training Website helps you for free!

Members Make ACX Great

ACX can be as great as we want it to be,
because it’s all up to the members, just
how successful Ad Click Xpress becomes.

ACX does not use big marketing dollars
to attract new customers – ACX relies totally
on its affiliates – so all the extra revenue gets
paid BACK to the ACX Members!

Your Efforts Make ACX Strong!

As a member of the Elite Marketing Group, you
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Have a great day promoting ACX!

Look for more valuable information on how to
share Ad Click Xpress at

We always try to provide you with the most important
tips we can, to assist you in being successful in
promoting your on-line business – please feel free to
provide us with your suggestions as to how we can
improve something in your Elite Marketing Group

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help desk,
by choosing “Elite Marketing Group”.

To Your Success!

Sales Manager
Ad Click Xpress

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