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DFT VIP FREE Marketing system.

How to get RANKED on YOUTUBE within Minutes training by Michael Allen


How to get GOBS of sign ups and attract some HUGE leaders:

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Instagram Training

This method of generating leads from Instagram is 90% automated. This should be used to supplement your other marketing efforts, not replace

them. However, if you follow along exactly as I have, you will get results. I generate around 5-10 new leads a day on autopilot. Not bad for a “set it and forget it” system!


Postcard Marketing

If you can afford to do postcard marketing, I highly suggest using our postcard templates and $1000 gift incentive. This is hands down the easiest way to get new signups. But you must stay consistent. You should be sending out a minimum of 200-300 postcards each and every week. If you want to grow your business fast, this is the way to do it! (Right now you can save 50% off your printing at Office Depot using the Savings Center app through NWC)


Phone Broadcasting

Phone broadcasting is another great way to attract quality leads to your business. It does require a little work to get setup, but it’s totally worth it. Once you’ve setup your campaign once, you can duplicate it with just a few clicks. This is much cheaper than mailing postcards, and it can produce “near” the same quality of leads. Watch the video below to learn more and get setup.


Talking with Leads



Order 2,000 Leads | Order 8,000 Leads

Audio Files (right-click and Save Link As)

Press1 Message | Live Answer Message | Answering Machine Script

You will want to include your name, phone number (or email), and the hotline number when they say “YES”. This could be on a piece of paper, or even a business card. You could even get creative and use this sytsem with your drop cards. When they’re ready to join, simply forward them your direct join link with National Wealth Center or your capture page link (if you already have one setup)!

Instagram Training

This method of generating leads from Instagram is 90% automated. This should be used to supplement your other marketing efforts, not replace them. However, if you follow along exactly as I have, you will get results. I generate around 5-10 new leads a day on autopilot. Not bad for a “set it and forget it” system!


Caution: Members are reporting that Instagram is deactivating their account because of too many comments, likes, and follows. Please keep in mind that your account CAN be deleted if Instagram decides you violate their TOS.

Other FREE Ad Sites…

BackPage iNetGiant
Oodle Marketplace OLX.com
Classifieds Giant AdPost.com
Free Classifieds Domestic Sale
AdLand Pro Web Cosmo

Solo Ads

One of the best sources online is Igor Kheifets and he’s now offering a 10% discount to OUR MEMBERS ONLY. Not only that, but he’s providing a 100% Risk Free Guarantee that you’re happy with the results or (in his words) “I insist on re-sending your traffic in full at no extra cost… unless my clicks deliver the goods.”. You can’t beat an offer like that! Click here to take advantage of this offer! (no ad swipe needed)

http://www.justinsoloads.com/special/bf.html – Justin is partners with the above, but has setup a special discount exclusive for our team. He will also write the ad swipe for you. Just be sure to use this link when placing your order. His solo ads usually start at .87 per click, but with this link clicks start at .70 per click.

http://www.soloadsx.com – Great site that has info on dozens of solo ad providers. Plus, they’ve got a handy tool for solo ad examples.

Scripts For Calling Your Leads

I’ve personally used this script to turn non-responsive leads into active leads. You will be surprised by the response you get by just reaching out. By asking a few simple questions, you can get your prospects talking and thinking more seriously about joining your business. Please see the accompanying video to see exactly how I use this script, plus some bonus tips!





How to Close Your Prospects

If you’re having trouble closing your prospects (getting them to signup), you definitely need to have a look at this script. I and several other team members have used these simple questions to bring on new members and you can too! If you use these questions in your daily practice, it will do wonders for your business. It will take you from rookie marketer to professional marketer overnight!


Call Center to Call Your Leads

We have a phone script for NWC with www.MLMleads.com. You can use this company to call any leads you purchase, or you can purchase through them. You can even use them to call your OPT IN leads if you wish. These are professional callers (in the U.S.) and will call leads and set up appts for you.

Hourly: Prepay a MINIMUM of 5 hours (10+ preferred) at only $12/hour.

You can instruct them to call them once, twice, etc. You can also instruct them to leave a voicemail.

Youtube Training

Training Video – How to Rank using SEO ==> RESULTS!

YouTube Comments

YouTube Views

Better YouTube Views (80% retention)

YouTube Views and Likes

Create YouTube Header Icons

Video Editing Software


Free Video Editor (PC)

Free Video Editor (Mac)

Unlimited YouTube Method

If you don’t want to pay for YouTube views, traffic, and likes, this method is completely free and will rank your videos fast. I’ve used this method (along with the SEO Training) to take my videos to the top of search results. This requires about 20-30 minutes out of your day, which is a small price to pay for the results you’ll see. YouTube has brought me more “GOOD” leads than any other online marketing!


Drop Cards

Guys, if you’re not using drop cards or business cards then I highly recommend getting some. You can order Realistic Dollar Bill Cards for around $30 for a pack of 250, or you can use professional business cards from Vista Print for about the same price. You can drop these off literally anywhere where people will see them. Or you can hand them directly to people asking them to have a look at your site. Remember, you’re not there to “sell them” on anything. Let the webinar do the work for you. Ask if they would be interested in earning an extra $300 to $2000 a week if it didn’t interfere with their primary business. If they say yes, hand them the card and tell them to have a look at your website. Then walk away.

$1000 Drop Card | 3-Step Drop Card | Disappointed? (Use As An Example When Ordering)

Facebook Strategy

The following pdf file is an ingenious way to get tons of sign ups using a free FB strategy. This takes a few weeks to get rolling, and does take a little work. However, once it starts paying off, you’ll get consistent sign ups daily from it. This is very real, and yes it does work. This is the perfect solution for someone with little to no capital for marketing, but has an hour or two each day to commit to growing his/her business.

Free Facebook Strategy