How You 100% Hands Free
Earn 368 BitCoins In 12 Days!
And Do It Over And Over Again!

 …No Selling Or Recruiting Required!


 · Earn 6% Daily Without Lifting A Finger!
·  Minimum Deposit Is Just 0.02 BTC
·  No Maximum Deposit Or Withdrawal!
·  Get Paid Every 4 HRS Like Clock-Work!
·  100% Compounding Allowed (Minimum 0.02 BTC)
·  No Sponsoring Required To EARN!
·  Does Sports Arbitrage 24/7 On Auto-Pilot
·  15% First Level Referral Commissions!
·  3% Second Level Referral Commissions!
·  2% Third Level Referral Commissions! 
·  Minimum Withdraw Is Just 0.01 BTC
·  Works On The “Telegram” APP

How Can You Earn 6% Daily?

Are People Getting Paid?

Instructions To Begin Earning 6% DAILY
From Your Smart Phone Within 1 Hour From Now! 

Be Sure To Follow The Instructions Below When Setting It Up. (Super Simple) 

 1. Add the Telegram App to your phone and open an account. (No Cost)
– Everything works directly from this APP, so you need to download this first!

 2. You can then also download a Desktop version for your computer as it makes depositing easier. Use your same phone number and it will sync up with your phone.

 3. Now launch the Telegram App from your phone or desktop.
– On a “Desktop” you will need to connect and verify your phone.
– Now you should be able to fully access the Telegram platform.
– Click the button below on the “same device” that Telegram is open on.

Important – Use The Same Device That Telegram is Already Open On.

 – BetRobot will Appear on your screen.

 4. Click “START” at the bottom of the Telegram App.
Follow instructions  – You will be prompted to select your language.

What Are The Bottom Buttons For?

Invest – you will receive an immediate text response with the BTC address to send your investment to. (Minimum is 0.02 BTC) ​

Reinvest – By clicking on Reinvest you can reinvest your balance automatically when you reach a minimum of 0.02 in earnings. Do this over and over again so you MAKE MONEY with your profits! ​

My Team – To get your referral link, simply click here and it will be messaged to you immediately. Referral System: 1st Level: 15% 2nd Level: 3% 3rd Level: 2%

Withdraw – You will be prompted to set your withdrawal address, add your bitcoin address to the message area and click send. Minimum withdrawals are 0.02 BTC. When you are ready to withdraw use command /out AMOUNT, for example /out 1.5 Withdrawals take about 1 hour to reflect in your bitcoin account. ​

History – Click here when you want a detailed history of your investments and earnings, and to see your account balance. You will notice your balance changes reflecting your earnings each hour, up to 6% each day. ​

Support – Clicking the support field will give you a message with the channel info and support group and community.

If You Have Any Questions Or Need Any Help Getting Started…
Coach Mike King @ 803.258.0758
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