Our Team

Building an Organization

Your organization consists of the people you recruited, the people they recruited and so on. You earn money on the sales of your organization. When you teach your new Associates to recruit and they start building and earning money on their new recruits, they see the value of building a team.We provide all the materials, but it’s up to you to make sure your new recruit is on the road to success. As the Associates you recruit make sales, you also receive advances on their sales. When your Associates begin recruiting new Associates, you begin receiving downline overrides.

Follow Up With New Associates

  • Make sure to talk to them once a day to see how they’re doing.
  • If a new Associate goes one day without a sale, they need you. If you leave them without sales for a couple of days, they will likely quit.
  • Monitor their sales online to make sure they’re progressing as anticipated.
  • Watch them do a presentation to determine what areas they need assistance with. Two common mistakes made by new trainees are 1. trying to explain what we do without the sales materials and 2. not asking for a close.
  • Schedule times to work with new Associates. Provide suggestions how to increase their sales volume.

Lead by Example

  • Teach your new recruits to be committed. Sales can fluctuate from day to day, but their weekly total should always be 5 – 10 if they put their time in.
  • Follow the system. We have an effective system to help Associates close their sales, regardless of circumstances.
  • Remember when you are online, it’s time to make money! No netflix, No reddit, No messing around.
  • Come to work ready to sell. It is a state of mind. If you believe, you can achieve.
  • The key to building a strong team is to BE A LEADER! A team will follow a leader.
  • A positive attitude is the most powerful thing you can pass on to your team.
  • Give great customer service.
  • Be available to help team members.
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly income goals.

Earn Bonuses

  • To stay focused, set goals and then plan your week to achieve them.
  • Keep your team focused on winning bonuses. Let them know where they are so that they don’t fall short by one or two sales.

Recruiting & Managing

  • Monitor your personal sales and team sales each week.
  • Set business goals and continue to recruit new Associates until you reach them. Then set new goals.
  • Duplicate yourself. Develop managers in your truck stops that can build different areas for you.


  • Keep your invitations and presentation simple so your new Associates can duplicate them easily.
  • Schedule time to help your new Associates.
  • Communicate with your team. Call them to check in so they understand that they’re important to you.
  • Identify those who need your help. If someone has not made sales for a couple of days, have them work with you. Give them additional training and encouragement.