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The new Penny Pays advertising program IS just what everyone’s looking for now because of the financial instability everywhere in the world. Built with an extremely low price to suit today’s economy, this will be “too easy” to so many people around the world. Penny Pays is the “answer to prayers” for many people…. Let the fun begin and the money roll in! This is a long term opportunity!

Long Term Residual Income…WITHOUT Much Effort!
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Folks… just to put this in perpective, I did a team build for their last program, GoBig7 and I’m still getting paid every month!

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Penny Pays Has The Best 2 X 14 Paying Matrix in the World! You Get Paid For Everyone That Falls Below you, Regardless How They Got There.You Will Also Receive 100% Matching Pay From Your Referrals. In Other Words, If You Have 2 Referrals who earn $100 Each, Guess What? You Just Made $200 Off Those 2 Referrals! And This Is Month After Month! Residual Income Is The BEST!


Plus… We have the world’s only “Share and Earn” Program allowing you to earn money simply by posting “Shares” on social media. In short, you can earn 2 ways with us! Both are easy as pie! Let’s take a quick look at both of these powerful income generators in detail.

Everyone Gets 2 Referrals!
Matrix Earnings
(You Get Paid On Every Person On Every Level No Matter How They Got There!)
PLUS 100% Matching Pay On
All Personal Referrals!
(Earn Far BEYOND 14 Levels!)

Potential Earnings with
JUST 2 Referrals: $28,867.20
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And Our Team Build Gets You 2 Referrals!!!

Did You Know…
“Word of mouth” is the Most Powerful type of Advertising!
Introducing… The “Share and Earn” Program!

Almost everyone is on social media in today’s world. “Word of mouth” is the most powerful type of advertising and, in today’s age, social media serves that purpose very well. If you have an advertisement that you wish shared and sent out to many other people’s pages on the world’s premier social media page online, then we have the answer. Buy your “SHARES” offered through PennyPays. Our members can then “pick up” your shares and send them out on their social media page. Our members are very eager to earn! We pay them to “pick up” your Shares send them out to their social media page. Our qualified members have over 50 friends with whom they share your post or advertisement. It’s the WORLD’S BEST ad service.

Our New “Share and Earn” Program
Can Pay YOU Month After Month
For Years and Years to Come
Just Sharing Posts!

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