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Tips & Tricks
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Easily format your emails

You often see people sending emails, in which the text goes all the way across the screen.... not very good for readability. Well...problem solved! Use the free formatting tool at

This is one to bookmark!


Use Google Docs to keep track of all your referral links

No more logging into a program every time you need a referral link. Create a document in google docs to put all your referral links in. You will then have them handy everywhere you go.

No more lost passwords

Use roboform or lastpass to save all your passwords and auto login to all your sites.

Roboform -->

LastPass -->

Feeling creative?

Want to make your own graphics, but find photoshop to expensive or too complicated? Give Gimp or PhotoPad Image Editor a try. They are free to download. PhotoPad Image Editor is the simplest of the two.

Gimp -->

PhotoPad Image Editor --> Click here to download

Feeling creative, but not ready for photoshop or gimp yet?

You can make cool headlines for your splash or squeeze pages, using And use existing clip art to make your page more interesting. Open clip art offers free clip art.

Cooltext -->

Open Clip Art -->

Never remember those html color codes?

Bookmark a chart:-)

HTML Color Codes -->

Your keyboard is your friend!

Use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up. Here are the ones I use all the time:

CTRL-C - copy
CTRL-V - paste
CTRL-A - select all
CTRL-left mouse click - open link in new tab
CTRL-TAB - next tab
CTRL-W - close tab
Home - Go to top of page
End - Go to bottom of page

Full list of all firefox keyboard shortcuts
--> Click Here

Resize Images online

Quickly resize pictures, photos and images online for free.

Shrink Pictures -->