What exactly is “ZNZ” or ZipNadaZilch?

What exactly is “ZNZ” or ZipNadaZilch?

WHAT IS ZNZ? The Actual Corporation.


ZNZ is actually an affiliate marketing company, which goes out then markets for other businesses to obtain a commission. This is called Cost Per Action or CPA. As we all know biggest companies including FreeCreditReport.com, spend millions on advertising. CPA started to be very popular years ago for many primary companies decided that an alternative way to invest their dollars would be to pay a specific cost to everyone who would provide a specific action. Thus these companies are literally being handed a possible customer.

So are you still asking yourself what is ZNZ and how does it work? A primary company makes public to an associate marketer that they will pay a certain amount of dollars to anyone affiliate that produces a potential lead. The major company explains to the affiliate that in order to receive this cash the new prospect should give a phone number, name, address, and credit card. So affiliates like ZNZ could sign-up on their site as an “affiliate” and then begin marketing using specific links and banners the primary company has provided them with.


ZNZ decided they would promote these major providers by making it a work at home opportunity. ZNZ signed up with many different companies as an affiliate who are prepared to pay money for a selected lead.


The company developed the website with videos, tools, and training needed for other affiliates to market this work from home for twenty dollars a lead. But first you should become a lead yourself then you are free to market as much as you want using all their tools.


WHAT IS ZNZ? Can it be a legal opportunity?


It is an affiliate marketing company. Is it a legitimate business opportunity? Yes, it is a professional business opportunity that pays out earnings to people who promote trial offers for fortune 500 companies.

You must take into account with any internet business you will need to have a plan of phase to start with. A plan of action which will start to generate leads for your company every day. I would suggest starting with the effective and proven system of attraction marketing.

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